Historical Society Proposed Town Hall

Pownal Historical Society Facebook updates on Proposed Town Hall

June 15, 2018

Great meeting with the Selectboard last night. Positive feedback and suggestions. We now have some homework to do and bring back to them. Very promising. Hope you all got to watch it. Next Tuesday we present to the Planning Commission. Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting to lend your support, ask questions and make suggestions. This is what Pownal needs. All of us working together. I think that one room school is still “teaching” us.



June 20, 2018

Last night, PHS presented our new Town Hall Proposal to the Pownal Planning Commission. They were very gracious and open to the idea.

The following is our concept.


For a new TOWN Hall –

Pownal’s Historical Committee envisions a new Town Hall combining a modular construction core plus Pownal’s historic one room School House to be located on the Bartel property site. Presently the School House is located on North Pownal Road (just around the corner from Center Street). It was lastly used by a Senior Citizens Group but has been unoccupied for some time now. The School House, built in the 1840’s is in good shape and fits in beautifully with the historical character of Pownal Center.

Understanding the Town of Pownal desperately needs a new Town Hall, Pownal’s Historical Committee proposes:

Constructing a traditional looking modular building for the core offices,
Moving the old School House from its present site and attaching it to the core offices for use as the Selectboard’s Room.
Presently, Pownal’s School Board is responsible for the School House and the property beneath the school house is privately owned. Moving the School House from its present location solves that issue.

The Historical Committee proposes the section of foundation beneath the Selectboard’s Room be constructed as a walk-out basement and that this space be used for a mechanical room, bathroom, and for a Pownal History Center. Information and artifacts that are not appropriate for the fireproof records room but are historically valuable for future town generations would be housed in the space. Historical Committee meetings would be held there and visitors researching their genealogy and the history of Pownal would be welcome.

Advantages to construct proposed Town Hall core using modular construction:

  • Cost is considerably less than stick built.
  • To a certain point modular constructed cost is precise.
  • The modular construction price includes: crane and set, shingled roof with architectural shingles, stubs to basement for plumbing, R-21 walls, R-49 ceiling, D-vinyl siding, etc.
  • This proposal is mindful of energy use and specifies insulating product and methods to reduce operating cost. The roof of the modular core is designed and sited to accommodate photovoltaic collectors if desired.
  • MODULAR SET – Modules are factory built and then transported in sections to site. On set day a crane is on site to lift and place each module on the foundation; the set crew fastens the modules together, raises and then shingles the roof. Preferred Building Systems located in Claremont, New Hampshire, provided preliminary estimates. This company has built several homes in this area.

Pictured is two photos of the model of our concept.



June 20, 2018

Received a request for cost estimates for PHS Proposal for a new Town Hall. The following is what we are working with now. The modular cost is an estimate from Preferred Builders. Once we send Preferred Builders $3,000 they will provide us with finished drawings and exact quote (the $3,000 will be applied to the cost once the new Town Hall is approved by the taxpayers). We cost it out with a partial basement but are now looking at a full basement (other than the TownClerk/Records section, that will be a slab to prevent fire/heat reaching the records from below). A full basement will allow for quite a bit of storage but will add to the cost. The total estimate is $527,000. The Town has $181,000(+\-) set aside for a new Town Hall, leaving $346,000 (+\-) to be raised by a bond. The Town of Pownal has been spending quite a bit of money on the existing Town Office and at the present time is looking at a quote of $91,000 for foundation work. Wouldn’t it make sense to apply that $91,000 towards a New Town Hall?



$335,000 – Four modules @ approximately $335,000 = $115.00 per square foot. (Cost to create finished drawing and provide exact quote.) Preferred Building Systems requires $3000 deposit.

$5,000- Excavating for foundation, trenching for underground water, sewer, electrical, and cable. Drain pipe around perimeter of building, gravel.

$2,000 Dimpled membrane over concrete foundation.

$40,000 (9 foot) full foundation beneath Selectboard’s Room and 1/3 of modular core. Dailey’s. Precast has committed to $137 per cubic yard of concrete thru this fall.

$22,500 Move One Room Schoolhouse to building site; quote from Mike Connors.

$2,000 Fairview/Comcast to move wires. Green Mountain Power will not charge to move their wires.

$10,000 Labor to install siding for modular sections.

$3,000 Purchase siding for Selectboard’s room.

$10,000 Labor to install siding for Selectman’s room.

$4,000 Labor to finish marriage walls of modular sections.

$15,000 Prefinished oak flooring in modular sections + labor to install

$6,500 Walkways, landscaping

$13,000 Boiler for heat, A.C., water heater

$10,000 Rehab interior of schoolhouse (repair walls, paint)

$6,000 Electrical – 200 amp service, underground install, Upgrade Selectboard’s room

$16,000 Miscellaneous

$2,000 Wainscoting in hall ways

$502.000 Total

* Michael Connors is located in East Dorset, Vermont. This organization primarily operates in the Building Mover, and foundations trades. The organization has been operating approximately 40 years. Foundation to be constructed with 12” wide walls (4” of concrete on both sides of 4” R-20 insulation core).


Budget to finish Pownal History Center Room –

  1. $2,000 Stud out Pownal History Center Room
  2. $3,000 Plumb – Install toilet, sink, heat ducts in Bathroom
  3. $2,000 Wire Pownal History Room (includes fixtures)
  4. $4,000 Drywall, tape, paint Pownal History Room
  5. $3,000 Shelves for Pownal History Room
  6. $9,000 Floor: Insulation, plywood, 12” pine boards, sand, stain, poly.
  7. $2,000 Miscellaneous

$25,000 Total

$527.000 Total