Pownal Proud

We are a committee of volunteers dedicated to reducing roadside litter and curtailing illegal dumping in our beautiful town of Pownal, Vermont.

Across Pownal, unbeknownst to each other, people were walking. Some carried a bag and picked up litter as they walked. Individually, it often felt futile.

Then we connected. I talked to Jim, Katie came to tea, and we conspired to clean up an illegal dump site on beautiful Indian Massacre Road. Dave and Candy signed on. We enlisted Hoosic River Watershed Association (HooRWA), wrote a letter to the Banner, and 24 people turned up to clean up in May, 2017.

That first cleanup, Matt and Tanya came with a well-used ATV. Katie and Will’s was shinier. Both had winches and both worked great. Together, we pulled 242 tires back up the bank and out of the green woods. Out came a moldy couch, soggy mattresses, and many trailer loads of household trash. Working class and wealthy, young and older, we worked together with good humor and determination. These have carried over to an ongoing, year-round effort, formalized at Empower Pownal.

Isolation breeds discouragement. Community engagement breeds hope. Join us any time at a cleanup event. Or carry a bag when you walk, drive or jog our beautiful Pownal back roads. You’re not alone!

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