Wanabea Farm LLC

The Wanabea Farm name is renowned
for quality rabbit meat.

Owner: Neil Morrison

Email: neilmorrison1953@gmail.com

Specializing in quality rabbit meat for high end restaurants and private use.

Wanabea Farm also has rabbit manure available for gardens and flower beds.
It is the best manure you can use. It won’t burn.

Finally, the farm has solar dried, low moisture, powdered manure at a premium.
It is not messy to handle!

1607 Route 346
Pownal, Vermont 05261
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Call for prices
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Neil is on site most days but it is
best to call for an appointment.

Neil is originally from South Williamstown MA. He worked at Cricket Creek Farm and Fairfields Farm for a total of over forty years as a Dairy Herdsman. Towards the end he began raising rabbits for Bruce Marcagianni, the original owner of the business. When he retired Neil took over the business and began raising rabbits full time. 

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